While painting is the a way to change the look of a wall, room, hall, or whole house, there is more to it than putting some color on that wall.  I get a tremendous number of calls to help people with some professional advise that will get them a very good result.  In some cases they are going to hire or have already hired a painter to do the work.  In other cases it is a do it yourself job.

     In ever case they suddenly realize they need help in matching the proper colors.  They have an idea of what they want, but they are not sure if the colors really go together, or how the colors will blend with the furnishings, or are the colors best for the room, and mush more.

     Colors have a great and important affect the people in a room.  Hospitals have found colors and aid the healing process.  Colors affect moods.  Colors that do NOT work together will create frustration.  Colors can create aggression.  These are just a few affects color can have.

     Painting is like building a fence, once it is finished, everyone can see how it looks and you will live with it a long time.  No one wants to have to do the job again because it doesn't look just right.  To often they live with the unhappy results.  Every day they see but don't understand why it doesn't look exactly like they had planned.

     Many paint outlets provide some wonderful programs that will help you match colors.  However, what is needed is an understanding of the color with the location.  What about the wall outside the door.  What about the lighting of the room.  What about the use of the room.  Paint can affect moods and much more. Even your contract painter may not understand the little things that make picking a color of paint work in the best way.

     No doubt about it, paint can and will provide that needed updating and change.  Just make sure you pick the right colors for the location.