Pillow Talk Tips

This article comes from familycircle.com/, "personal tricks", from Judy Prouty, the Home Style Director:

 " It's the rare designer who doesn't think of pillows as the finishing touch to a room.  Judy asked the stylish mother-daughter duo, Suzanne and Lauren McGrath, authors of "Good Bones, Great Pieces"  about the art of plumping just so.  Their advise:

  •  An uneven arrangement looks best.  Place three at one end of the sofa, two at the other end.
  • Bigger isn't better.  Anything larger than 24 inches will be overpowering.
  • Less is more.  5 pillows are generally the maximum. unless the couch is oversize.
  • If a favorite fabric is too pricey for a reupholstery job, use a yard of it for a pillow.
  • Stripes, florals and animal prints can all play nice visually provided the patterns  are a similar size and scale